Adv.C I Baby


I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Mar Baselios College of Nursing (M.B.C.N). MBCN has attracted a large section of the community and has been able to stream to its motto of providing nursing care education and services in an environment of friendly participation and academic ambience. MBCN- beyond providing a valid education, we desire to provide our college students a holistic tutoring level in for existence. Our purpose is to educate students to learn not to simply study. Therefore we are ready to cross the boundaries of books. Also, our goal will be to encourage students to participate and engage in social, cultural and sporting activities in addition to training and education, just to stay up with the global demand of an entire human being. A, Bsc graduate from MBCN will be a nurse with sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding to full fill his/her responsibility towards patient and society at its maximum. I welcome you to our contemporary and interactive campus and share a comprehensive and meaningful educational experience with emphasis on discipline, growth of personality for leadership qualities and knowledge of committed social responsibility.