Mental Health Nursing

Department of Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing provides academic services and conduct research to promote mental health and prevent mental health problems of people, their families and communities as well as continuously intervene and rehabilitate patients with psychiatric problem and their families.

The mental health nursing department organizes programmes aimed and enabling the students to identify the mental health problem of their clients and to acquire skill in providing comprehensive health care to them.

This is achieved by the expert guidance of the psychiatric nursing faculty and other members of the mental health team including psychiatrists, clinical psychologist psychiatric social workers etc.

The students receive clinical experience in mental health centres. Their clinical experience is enriched from observational visits to various facilities including psychiatric rehabilitation centres, special school for mentally retarded; de-addiction centres orphanages and old age home.

The department also offers counselling services for students having psychological and adjustment problems as under Kerala University of health Sciences. As a part of SSGP we arranged different awareness programme for student’s in order to develop a student friendly campus.



• Organize the seminars, workshop, conference

• Organized state level workshop on “Facilitating Teaching Learning Skills”

• Publication in National and International Journal.

• Periodic faculty development programme.

• Research activities of students & faculty.

• Scientific Paper Presentation.

• Mentoring the students in personal and professional development.

• Awareness programs like world mental health day.



The faculty of the department imparts in-depth knowledge to the students by various innovative teaching methods. Methods like seminars, symposium, care studies, group discussions, case presentations, field trips, video assisted learning. Problem based learning, competency based learning and procedure demonstrations are used to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.


Ms. Jisha P Mohammed

Asst. Professor

Chinchu John

Asst. Lecturer