Community Health Nursing

The department of Community Health Nursing is involved in learning of undergraduate nursing students in the field of Community Health Nursing, which enable each student to acquire adequate knowledge and develop in working in the community setting. Students are trained in the areas of family assessment, community assessment, to identify the health problems. Students are further trained to give health education, organize various awareness programmes in different settings of community. The department has been conducting school health programmes, be a part of all National Health Programme, organize many field trips based on the syllabus.

Department of Community Health Nursing offers community health nursing subjects for II year B.Sc. Nursing and IV year B.Sc. Nursing.



• Conduct state level workshop.

• Organized state level workshop on “Facilitating Teaching Learning Skills”

• Research activities of student and faculty.

• Publications in national and international journal.

• Conducting regular home visits in urban and rural area.

• Organizing camps based on the needs of the community.

• Perform various mass health education programmes.

• Conducting school health program.

• Periodic faculty developmental programmes.

• Mentoring the students in personal and professional development.

• Enhancing the students learning experiences through field trips.

• Community outreach programmes.

• Conduct awareness class on various health related days.




The faculty of the department imparts in-depth knowledge to the students by various innovative teaching methods. Methods like seminars, symposium, care studies, group discussions, case presentations, field trips, video assisted learning. Problem based learning, competency based learning and procedure demonstrations are used to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.


Ms. Mary Elizabeth John

Assoc. Professor

Ms. Chithra M

Assoc. Professor

Aimy George

Asst. Lecturer